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Razor Wire Machines


What Is Razor Wire Used For?

Razor wire is among the highest quality security measures added to fencing today. Razor wire, which has a much more deterrent effect compared to its alternatives, is preferred in many places such as military areas where entry is prohibited.
Those who want to jump over a barbed-wire fence often recover with their clothes torn or minor skin injuries, while those who want to jump over a razor-wire fence can expect worse results. People are harmed by walking directly on a razor.
Razor wire is the part of the fence wire systems, which are usually prepared in an oval shape and added on the fence systems drawn around the area in order to ensure the security of a certain area. Aiming to maximize safety, the razor wire prevents jumping over the fence. The usage areas of razor wires, which are preferred in many areas today, can be listed as follows;
Military Districts
Border Regions
Site / Building Environments
Parking lots
All Prohibited Zones
Razor wire application is preferred in many areas, especially in these areas. Razor wires with no better alternative in terms of deterrence and security; it has the appearance of a ring peculiar to itself in all kinds of borders and structures. It can be used on all kinds of panel fence systems, pipe pole fence systems and concrete pole fence systems with its winding shape.

Does Razor Wire Provide Protection?

Razor wire is one of the most preferred fence security measures. But is razor wire good anyway? question is possible. Razor wires, which are used in areas where barbed wires are not sufficient, are very sharp.
In addition, it is worn on the body of those who try to enter private areas. Thus, the person is stuck on the wire and cannot escape. Since it is a very high and deterrent security measure, people give up without any attempt.

How To Produce Razor Barbed Wire Machine?

The raw material of razor wire is PVC coated wire, galvanized wire and stainless steel mesh and is produced from thin iron. Since it is produced with a special production razor wire machine, its razors always remain sharp. However, razor wire has many advantages. The most important advantage is that razor wires are made of hot-dip galvanized coating, so they are absolutely stainless.
One of the most important questions today is how to produce a razor barbed wire machine? matter. Razor wires, which have deterrent effects together with sharp blades and strong core wire produced in special machines, offer easy installation, beautiful appearance, economical and practical features.