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Barbed Wire Machine Prices

Barbed wire knitting machine is one of the wire knitting machines designed especially for use in areas requiring high protection such as farms, fields, military zones, airports, warehouses, warehouses and factories, and for demarcation purposes. The barbed wire fence machine, which works using a plc system, is an easy to use machine. This automatic barbed wire knitting machine is designed to weave wires starting from 1.25mm to 2.25mm, and as body wire from 1.25mm to 3.00mm.

What is Barbed Wire Machine?

In particular, barbed wire machine manufacturers evaluate the usage areas of the machines and start production by prioritizing the production of these machines in the factory, with the latest technological developments. Barbed wire fence machines are made by using the combination of two wires to be systematized with an automatic machine. In this way, a faster joint is achieved with the high speed barbed wire machine and no danger to health is encountered.

Usage of Barbed Wire Machine

The use of barbed wire machines designed by barbed wire machine manufacturers is based on the temperature factor. It is produced by connecting the wires to each other by keeping the temperature level of the wires in a high amount and for a long time. In the barbed wire fence machine, there are 4 barbs at the ends to be inserted into the wires. In addition to all these, it is produced by giving a reverse twist shape to the ends of 4 barbed wires in opposite directions. The purpose of adding these wires to the ends in reverse twist is a completely strong and thought-out feature to provide advanced protection. Barbed wire, produced without the use of any insulating material, consists entirely of wire. Since the production material of the wire to be used in the barbed wire machine is completely made of stainless steel, it is not possible to encounter any rusting problem. Manufacturers, who have designed barbed wire fence machines for many years, have prevented the oxidation problem from being encountered by covering the surface of the wires with PVC material.

What are the General Features of Barbed Wire Machine?

Some general features of the barbed wire machine are as follows; It has the feature of working non-stop for 24 hours. It is also extremely simple to use, thanks to its easy mold changing feature. It is designed by using 3 different stop systems to prevent the wires from getting into each other during the production phase. There is also the option of remote access and fault detection via the internet on the barbed wire machine. The barbed wire machine has a double-sided entry system. The barbed wire machine, which has features such as, is suitable for practical use as a working system.

How Much Is the Barbed Wire Machine Price?

Since there is no domestic production for those who will buy barbed wire machines, these machines can be purchased from abroad and using different currency systems, so there are high amounts in price. While it can be purchased on the basis of Euro and Dollar, it is one of the machines that can be searched and found in the market as second hand. Since the barbed wire machine is a system produced abroad, the barbed wire machine for sale can be purchased in Euro and Dollar terms, and it is one of the machines that can be searched and found second hand in the market.
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 20 in
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