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Razor wire staright and cutting mchine is special produce for prepare material to weld razor wire .

Wire Straightening Cutting Machine

Wire straightening cutting machines are mechanical tools that serve according to the type, thickness and desired shape of the metal. Thanks to these machines, the wires prepared are made ready for use in different places. NWM Technic is one of the manufacturers of wire straightening cutting machines. The company, which processes metal and wire products with its advanced technologies and brings them to the desired dimensions, has 35 years of experience.

Features of Produced Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

 – Wire diameter is approximately 3.0 – 6.0 mm.

 – Cutting length is 30 – 6000 mm.

– Cutting error is almost nonexistent.

– Its speed is up to 55m / minute.

Flat motor has 4.0 KW.

It has a cutting motor of 1.5 KW.

 The total size of the machine is 1.2 * 0.5 * 1.1,

The weight of the machine is 180 kilograms.

The machines, which can be designed for special sizes, are designed and manufactured by expert mechanical engineers. In addition to the fact that the machines are made in Turkey, the production by Turkish engineers and the use of local materials is considered as a measure of how successful the project is. The headquarters of the factory is located in Adana Province and there is also a website prepared for contacting the factory.

General Information About the Factory

 – Other machines produced in the factory,

 – Razor Wire Machine

– Automatic Wire Mesh Machine

– Wire Fence Spot Welding Machine

 – Barbed Wire Machine

– Wire Straightening Cutting Machine

– Grass Fence Machine

– Gabion Wire Machine

 It is among the main items that we will count. These machines are separated according to their own features and dimensions. It can also be produced in requested sizes. When determining the usage range of wires classified as galvanized and PVC wires, a square meter calculation should be made.

Assuming that galvanized wire is generally used in greenhouses and agricultural lands, the size of the land and the amount of wire to be used should be accurately calculated according to the weight of the wire. These wires, which are widely used in the production of fences, should also be calculated well and taken from the machine.


These wires also have PVC coated ones. They are especially noticeable in green in places where parks and gardens are arranged, golf courses, swimming pools are surrounded. Wire straightening and cutting machines can meet this need with different thicknesses and coatings. Wire turning methods, which are in great demand in the world, continue to be used in our country at an increasing rate. Again, our country, which has started to stand out with its production capacity, exports a large amount of goods abroad. PVC coated wires are used not only in vineyards and garden flipping but also in decoration works. The turning type called Petek pvc has started to take its place among the indispensable elements of gardens.

 Where Can I Get a Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine ?

By clicking, you can order a machine in requested sizes and supply material according to the requested wire type and thickness.

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