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-from 1-6 transformator 90-120kwa

Mesh size 50×200

Thickness 6,0mm-8,0mm


Welding point: 46/52

According to customer demand will be designed and produced it can be semi automattic or full automatic. and will be full autoatic with bending machine.

Panel Fence Machine

Both containment and protection are considered basic needs for many structures. For this, one of the most important products of building security systems is fence structures. Fence machines are the best choice for making fence structures and for removing and replacing them. Panel fence machine is preferred for easy panel fence assembly. In this way, panel fence can be made systematically and regularly. As it is known, doing it as handicraft may cause some problems. But with the panel fence machine, all problems are completely eliminated. Panel fence is prepared in the easiest and quality way.

Ease of Use in Panel Fence Design

Things get easier with the panel fence machine used during and after the construction phase.

 Panel fence installation is extremely easy and very fast. Moreover, the cost is also reduced considerably. It is a very logical choice compared to the performance received.

It is more economy friendly thanks to its low cost. Moreover, this product has many advantages.

The most important of these is its longevity. The panel fence machine, which is produced using the latest technological facilities, can be called privileged in this respect. Therefore, it is among the indispensable machines.

 Having Various Usage Areas

One of the most important criteria when buying a machine is the width of its usage areas. In this way, it can be used with peace of mind without making much expense. This product is produced exactly as a point shot.

– It is possible to use it in every area and everywhere where panel fence can be installed.

– It is suitable for use in all kinds of buildings.

– It is especially common in workplaces and schools.

– It is also widely used to ensure the environmental safety of the sites.

 In short, it can be used to create and install panel fences in almost every area.

Preparing Panel Fence in Different Sizes Panel fence machine has all kinds of service options. In other words, without being limited to certain molds, services are offered with many types. In this way, it is possible to prepare panel fences in desired sizes. Because the desired production dimensions specific to the purpose may vary. The important thing is to prepare a panel fence suitable for the environment. The panel fence machine is cut out for this. In addition, the best results are achieved in the fastest way possible. The results are also very pleasing. Considering this, using a panel fence machine is the best choice.

Durable And Highly Equipped Features

As in the panel fence itself, the panel fence machine has resistance to corrosion and various other factors.

The machine is extremely powerful and runs in series. Thus, accurate observation and control can be achieved at every stage. As a result, all jobs are easily completed without any disruption.

– Its design is also extremely modern and it has ergonomics that do not disturb the eyes.

 – It doesn’t take up too much space. On the contrary, it is produced in a way to be used completely for the purpose.

 – It continues to work systematically and automatically.

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