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MWM TECHNIC concertina razor barbed tape profiling machine enables continuous profiling without clipping as well as auto counter for required loop numbers. We also supply equipment as a complete producing line including razor blade punching press, concertina razor blade profiling machine and packing equipment.

  • Production capacity: 100-120kgs/Hr
  • Profiling Dia.: 450, 500, 600,750,900,960
  • Able To produce Various Types of BTO & CBT Razor Blades
  • Speccial produce eccantric Press
  • Packing Machine is Available
  • And Kraft Paper Packing Machine Available

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What is razor wire and what is it used for?

The usage of razor wire is the ultimate choice for security. It is more secure deferrent compered to barbed wire.Those who wish to trespass get injured by being stock razors on their bodies, that is why razor wire is so deferrent. Razor wire is used on military zones, country borders and none-personel zones on airports,but it can also be used to cover personel properties,fields and gardens. Razor wire is more deterrent than barbed wire but it is also little bit more expensive than barbed wire.

The Structure Of Razor Wire?

Razor wire generally made of gray colour. Razor wire is produced by thin wire and is also stainless steel. They are extremely sharp that is why it is called razor wire. On wire,there are sharpered razors with clips binding them. Besides razor wire does not get damaged by snow,rain,or starms. They are rock solid.

Razor wire or Barbed Wire?

We always get questions by our customer like which one would you recommend. The answer to that quoestion changes on the purpose and the field that you want to secure. Ofcourse we always recommend razor wire for superior security. Because the structure of razor wire is more solid and way more deterrent compored to barbed wire.

Razor Wire Machines?

The demand for razor wire has increased on recent years so the need for razor wire machines has increased too. Razor wire machines cost cahnges on production capacity , quality and brand. As Mwm Technic, we produce razor wire machines and its equipments and we sell it on the first hand. With our razor wire machines,we qurantee that you can manufacture750 kgs of razor wire in 8 hours shift, you can use our web site for demands,suggestions or opinions of yourself or visit us on our address or contact us using or request form.

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