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We are working fort he best of barbed wire machine. An advance model will be service in 6 months.

Barbed Wire Machine

What is Barbed Wire Machine?

The use of barbed wire is being evaluated in many areas. It is especially used for the security of some areas or to clearly see the borders. The use of barbed wire and barbed wire machine is more common in military regions and border regions of countries.

So what is a barbed wire machine and what does it do? Barbed wire machine is called the combination of two wires with an automatic machine system. Thanks to the barbed wire machine, it provides faster joining and does not pose any danger to health.

How To Use Barbed Wire Machine?

The use of barbed wire machine is manufactured depending on the temperature factor. By keeping the temperature level of the wires at a high amount, the wires are produced in such a way that they are joined one after another. There are 4 barbs at the ends of the barbed wire. In addition, 4 barb wires are produced by giving reverse twisting shape to the ends. The reason why the ends of the wires are given the shape of reverse twisting is due to the high amount of protection power.

Although the production of barbed wire made by the barbed wire machine is parallel to the production of the cables, no insulating material is used in the production of barbed wires. It is completely made of wires. An important feature of the wires used in the barbed wire machine is that they are made of stainless steel, so no rusting problem is encountered. In addition, the surface of barbed wires is covered with PVC. After this process, no oxidation problem is encountered. Thus, it becomes available for many years.

What are the Physical Properties of Barbed Wire Machine?

The physical features of the barbed wire machine vary according to the machine type. The physical characteristics of the barbed wire machine type TLS-200 are as follows:

1) The knitting width of the barbed wire machine is around 20 to 220 cm. The diameter of knitted wire is between 1.8 and 3.2 mm, which is galvanized, while the knitted wire diameter is between 2.9 and 4.5 mm.

2) The mesh size of the barbed wire machine is between 40×40 and 85×85 mm.

3) The control system of the barbed wire machine is PLC and its total power feature is 5.5 KW.

4) The weight of the barbed wire machine is 1420 kg and the dimensions of the machine are 250 cm in height, 200 cm wide and 380 cm in length.

5) The hourly capacity of the barbed wire machine is between 120 and 160 m2.

6) The barbed wire machine’s knitting wire resistance value is between 450 and 500 mm2, and the number of molds is 3 types. The number of molds used in the machine varies depending on demand.

What are the General Features of Barbed Wire Machine?

1) Barbed wire machines can work 24 hours a day.

2) The use of the machine, which has the feature of easy mold changing, is also very simple.

3) There are 3 different stop systems in case the wires get into each other during production.

4) At the same time, the barbed wire machine has a double-sided entry system.

5) Fault detection and remote access can be obtained on the machine via the internet.

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