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  • Output:120 m²/Hr.
  • Materials:G.I. Wire/ Stainless Steel Wire / PVC Coated Wire
  • Wire Dia. Range:1,80mm – 3,2mm (G.I. wire)- 2,50-4,0mmPVC Wire
  • Mesh Size:30×30-80x80mm
  • Working Width:from 50cm to 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m
  • Selvage :Operation: Knuckle-Knuckle/ Barb-Knuckle/Barb-Barb
  • Roll: stndart roll

Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

Automatic Wire Mesh Machine

 What are the Company Service Processes?

As a company, it is always aimed to provide the best service. The best service is provided with the most accurate studies. This point is valuable in terms of customer satisfaction that is aimed to be achieved. The company provides the highest level of customer satisfaction in its automatic wire mesh machine services. This satisfaction creates positive reference processes for the company. All of the company services are transferred through the web page. Customer-oriented wire mesh services are always based on customer demands.

The correct communication techniques provided by the company ensure that the right moves are taken. It is an important point to be able to provide the most effective answer to the needs that arise. As a company, it has been operating in the sector for many years. All the working processes experienced have created significant experience gains for the company. These experiences are unique works as the return wire mesh machine Turkey. The company has an identity that takes new steps in the market. The company, which is always one step ahead of its competitors, has become a sought-after structure. Every day new visitors are knocking on their door.

All wire mesh machine that allows the Firm to act with responsibility in the process of Turkey. The feeling of trust, which is very important by the customers, is progressing at the line. Quality processes that started with the delivery of the work continue until the last moment. Transactions end in real terms with customer approval. The company provides metal production worldwide. Studies are carried out within the scope of continuous development and innovation. Technological possibilities show themselves in the stages of activity. Differentiating works are provided with expert and experienced teams.

Company Service Network and Scope

 As a company, services are provided on behalf of more regions every day. This situation takes shape with increasing customer demands. Increasing demands have revealed more quality machine production processes for the company. Successful work has created a growing service network. Another point of value for the company is customer comments. After-service thoughts received from all over the world affect work strategies. All studies maintain their existence without giving up the focus.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Wire Mesh Machine?

The automatic wire mesh machine offered by the company has various features and benefits. The following features are important.

  1. Models made for safety and protection purposes.
  2. A model for marking a specific area and region.

3.Model made to surround the garden, land and astroturf area

  1. With the machine service offered, a fast activity is maintained.
  2. It is a machine with non-stop working feature.
  3. There is the ability to take automatic action against adverse situations that may occur.

About the Product Difference

The machine that fulfills the purpose determined by the company in the most correct way is offered with a guarantee. It is a completely domestic production product. The product has features based on the technical information contained.

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