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The MWM Technic manufacture and sell razor wire machine,barbed wire machines ,chain link wire fencing,hexagonal wire machines,chain link fence machine,jali machine, constantine wire fence machine,gabion mesh machine,welded mesh panel machines. The MWM Technic is a manufacturer company with 35 years of experience and knowledge in the wire fence industry. We have determined the mission of the company as a leader in the metal and wire machinery sector in the world. Our vision is to produce machines with high quality and high production capacity to compete with world brands.




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Concertina Razor Wire Machine

Since the industrial revolution, developments in the industrial area have continued until 21. The need for industrial products has increased, along with the growing industry. Industrial products and functional systems that are continuously produced enable the machines to work together. Since the revolution, every development has been of great importance. One of these developments has been wire and fence machines. These machines, especially with a great role in the process, have a significant  place in the construction industry. Because of the need for wire braids and wire wires, the machines are preferred in various sectors.

Wire Mesh Machine

Wire knitting machines often produce square-knit wires. However, some machines shape in hexagonal form for purpose. These machines have made continuous progress since they were first used. With current technology, production capacity is greater and integration is available. In addition, the wire-knit machine is divided into different types of purposes. The quality or structure of the desired knit is some of these goals. The production versions and target production models of machines are also the causes of diversity. These machines are also separated by semi-automatic, automatic or fully automatic features.

Concertina Razor Wire Profiling Machine

Razor wire machines are available as three separate machines, razored wire press Line, razored profiles (Concertina) and razored wire clip machine. The materials in production are different, so different target models can be provided. Some parts of these machines are also included in the important material class. It is available for machines to provide the best operating principle. The razor-wire machine is an industrial machine that is effective in superior quality wire production. There is also a guarantee that you will meet with MwmTechnic assurance. Our industrial engineering technology machines become class a products. It can reach its maximum production capacity and provides more energy efficiency than typical models.

Wire Mesh Machines Manufacturing Phase

In wire knitting machines, the production phase varies from machine to machine. The production capacity can easily reach the maximum target. In addition, a wire weaver can operate 3 knitting machines in parallel. This means a production capacity of far above the minimum standard for a workplace. Since these machines can work together, products can be created more practical with the help of the units. The wire-knit machine operates in the process of wire-knit manufacturing according to the procedures set up. The general principle of operation is that it pulls raw material from the reel via the straightening unit and transfers it to the knit auger. The wire is flattened and then rotated from the knitting auger to the blade. The wires are then rotated on the spiral-shaped material and screwed onto the pre-prepared spiral. The wire ends that are then open are closed by means of the folding machine. And during the set time, the target model is designed and production continues.

Wire Knit and Wire Machine Types

Wire-knit and razor-wire wire machines are each machines that can quickly afford the cost. The overall production of these machines is comprehensive, but the cost and maximum production capacity are among the most significant production objectives. At the same time, these products can best meet the expected performance.

Wire knitting machines: Chain hedge machines (semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic), Gabion Knit machine, Hex wire machine, etc. machines are some of the wire-knit class machines. Razored wire machines: Typically there are machines in two separate groups as profiling and clip machines. In addition, some materials and pressure line machines are included. There are machines that do very well in superior quality production. As one of the industry’s leading names, these products are guaranteed to best meet your needs.